Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I buy the Hold Button?

The Hold Button launched on Kickstarter and is now available for pre-order on Shopify.

How does the Hold Button work?

The Hold Button is ergonomically designed to help you hold a mobile phone one-handed. It takes advantage of a few simple laws of physics to provide secure grip and ease-of-use with one hand. The unique shape of the Hold Button is the result of experimentation with numerous prototypes.

How big is the Hold Button?

Our current prototype measures 15mm x 18mm x 5mm. Weight is under 3 grams.

Can I take the Hold Button on and off?

The 3M removable adhesive on the Hold Button is designed for one-time use. Put it on once, and peel it off once. After that, the adhesive gets weaker. That’s part of the reason each package includes three Hold Buttons.

Can I use the Hold Button with a case?

Maybe. The Hold Button works with many cases, but not every case. The case must have a surface that allows the 3M adhesive to adhere properly. Also, some case surfaces (i.e., leather, vinyl, wood) are delicate enough that the 3M removable adhesive will leave a mark. But remember, the Hold Button will never leave a mark on your phone’s surface.

Do I have to put the Hold Button where the instructions suggest?

Nope. We recommend you place it just above halfway the first time, and give it a few days. After that, if you really want to put it in a different spot, go for it. We’ve tested the position, and feel that the “magic” spot is just above your phone’s balance point.

What’s the Hold Button made from?

It’s made from a low durometer silicone rubber. The adhesive is made by 3M, which is removable and surface-safe on glass, plastic, metal, and many common phone surfaces. However the adhesive is not intended for leather, vinyl, wood, or other soft surfaces.

Where will the Hold Button be manufactured?

We’ve been working with a small U.S. manufacturer that has experience making products for some of the world's top technology companies.